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Disney World has 4 parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studio, and Epcot. (Located in Orlando, Florida)

Highly Recommend: Download the “My Disney Experience” mobile app if you haven’t already done so. You can use the app to check your FastPass+ and current wait times for rides and attractions.

Parks hours varies from park to park, with Animal Kingdom usually closing the earliest. Universal provides free wifi throughout each park. Before you enter the parks, the security guard will check your bag(s). Tip: No Selfie Stick is allowed inside the park. Do not even think of bringing it unless you are willing to watch it get thrown into the garbage by security at the gate.


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It’s rare to find sales on 1-2 day(s) Disney World Tickets, but you may find deals when you purchase 3+ days tickets. Here are some sites that may offer discounts: parksavers, ticketmomma, and undercovertourist.

If you are staying 3 days or longer, check out Costcotravel.ca if you have a membership.


Hotel to Parks: Check Orlando blog.

Between Parks: Transportation service between parks is free. There are several options: monorail, bus, and ferry. Not all options are available in each of the park. For example, there is no monorail to get from Hollywood Studio to Animal Kingdom–you will have to take the bus.
Complimentary transportation is available 45 mins prior to park opening until 1 hr after closing.

Park hopping: if you have a ticket that allows you to enter more than 1 park a day, be aware, you maybe spending 45-60 mins just to park hop.
From my experience:
From Park to bus/monorail station: ~15 mins walk (X 2) + ~5 mins wait time.
Between All Parks by bus or monorail: ~12 mins ride.

Weather/Appropriate Attires

Information located in Orlando blog.


Expect to pay ~$12 USD for a decent meal at Disney World (except for Epcot).



My travel date was the week after U.S. Thanksgiving. Travel date Nov 28th – Dec 5th. This was a great time to travel to Disney World, as the lines were very short. Some of the more popular rides will always have longer wait times, but if you can get FastPass for those you should be able to avoid most of the lengthy lines. Note: Even though the wait times indicates a 5-10 mins wait, a lot of the time it is a walk on. Although it may take ~3 mins to walk from the front entrance to where the ride begins.


FastPass+ is free in Disney World so don’t forget to reserve your favourite 3 attractions with FastPass+! FastPass allows you to be able to skip the line for those 3 attractions. You can reserve them as early as 30 days prior to arrival. It’s best to reserve them early as FastPass goes quickly with the more popular rides. Once you use ALL 3 of the FastPass+, you can go to one of the kiosks located in the park to reserve another FastPass (as a single skip the line).

Tip 1: Try to give yourself some time between the FastPass+. In my experience, we booked our FastPass+ activities so close together that we found ourselves rushing from 1 location to the other. We then ended up backtracking to the first location to explore the area more. But you also don’t want to give yourself too much time before the FastPass+ starts, otherwise you might end up with too much time and end up exploring other areas only to have to rush to get back to that location again.
I also wouldn’t recommend the strategy of having all 3 FastPass+ early in the morning, with the intention of getting more FastPasses later. This strategy did not work for me as I was still only able to get 1 more FastPass, a total of 4 FastPasses per day. Getting just 1 more FastPass for the day is not worth rushing back and forth between attractions.
Tip 2: Do google which activities you should use your FastPass+ for. You do not want to waste a it on activities with minimal wait times. This website offers good information on which attractions to use it for in order to avoid long waits in line.

Parks in order of most favourite to least favourite

Please keep in mind the parks gets updated all the time. For example, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be adding new lands based on Star Wars and Toy Story in 2016.

Hollywood Studios

My favourite theme park is Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I love it because of the shows, especially the Beauty and the Beast-Live on stage.

Other shows I adore are “Voyage of the little Mermaid” and “For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing along”. I love these shows as I absolutely love listening to the music. If you are a Disney music lover or movies lover, this is the park for you.

20151204_150101-1-e1452301956606Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the biggest theme park in Disney World. However, I am a bit biased against this park as I had recently gone to Disneyland in Los Angeles the previous year. My feelings is that it is too similar to the Disneyland theme park. It is still highly recommended tho, lots of rides and activities to do.

This park has the most rides vs other parks.

20151129_170520-e1449904019502Animal Kingdom

My favourite activity at Animal Kingdom was the Kilimanjaro Safaris tour, an open-air vehicle that simulates the African savanna. On the ride/tour, you may encounter real animals such as lions, elephant, hippopotamus, and alligators.

The scenery at Animal Kingdom is breathtaking and if you are an outdoorsy or animal lover, this is the park for you.


Epcot is an educational theme park that explores the future & other countries. I feel most of the rides at Epcot are educational and a bit… boring. However they do have 2-3 rides that are very fun.

Although I can see why people like it. If I live in Florida and had an annual pass, I would visit Epcot theme park the most… because of the food. If you are a foodie (food lover), this is the park for you. I find the food is a bit cheaper here when compared to the other parks. You can also try all sorts of food from all different countries. However, I am from Canada, a multicultural country, so this did not impress me. Especially when I realized that I paid the park entrance fee, just to pay more money for the food.

Recommendation: It is a lot more fun and cheaper if you go with 3+ people to this park. Each of you can buy a dish to share when visiting each country.

Examples of activities in Epcot I was not impressed with:
Ellen’s Energy Adventure with Bill Nye the Science Guy: 45 mins I will never get back. This is an educational show about energy.
World Showcase: As my friend said, it was like watching your friend’s photo album of photos they have taken of landscape and nature… and you are too polite to get up and leave.

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Common Question:

How many days is needed for each park? It depends on how busy the park is. If the park has minimal wait times and you are the type to want to go on every ride and watch every show, I recommend a full day (from opening to close) for Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studio, and Epcot. Epcot is a bit boring for me, but you still need a full day to experience all of Epcot. Magical Kingdom is a full day and a half.
Try to watch the shows earlier, because while the park may open till 9pm, some shows end at 6pm or earlier.

Be sure to check out our Universal Studio for another fun activity in Orlando.


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