Top 12 Unique Beaches!

Jokulsarlon,_Iceland1. Glacial Lagoon.

This breathtaking glacial lagoon is one of Iceland’s natural wonders. The lagoon is filled with icebergs of all shapes and sizes. The only place in the world to see such vibrant colors of blue in the icebergs.

– Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Iceland

2. Bioluminescent Phytoplankton.

The “lumin” in the word “bioluminescence” means light. The plankton can glow different colors in the dark. Most glow blue, but some also glow green, red, or orange. As it glows, it looks like stars touched down on the waves, making the ocean sparkle.

Locations (a few well known ones):
– Maldives Islands
– Halong Bay, Vietnam
– Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico
– Southern California, United States

glassbeachGlass_Beach_Fort_Bragg_33. Glass Beach.

Sea glasses formed after years and accumulation of discarded glasses. Colored glasses sparkles the beach in colors of red, green, white, brown, blue and other rare colors.

– Fort Bragg (California), United States
– Hanapepe (Hawaii), United States

Causeway-code_poet-4Giants_causeway_closeup4. Giants Causeway Beach.

Basalt rock formed from basaltic lava as a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred 60 million years ago. This interlocking hexagonal basalt columns is one of Britain’s natural wonders.

– Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland

maho beach5. Extreme Plane Landing.

The low flying airplanes make this beach unique. In order to make a smooth landing at the nearby runway, aircraft ends up flying right over the heads of beach goers!

-Maho Beach (Saint Martin), Caribbean

20140520_102107green sand6. Green Sand Beach.

– Big Island (Hawaii), United States
– Talofofo Beach, Guam
– Punta Cormorant (Floreana Island), Galápagos Islands
– Hornindalsvatnet, Norway

pink beach7. Pink Sand Beach.

– Harbour Island, Bahamas
– Tangsi Beach, Indonesia
– Komodo Island, Indonesia

pexels-photo-10834Shell_Beach_Western_Australia8. Shell Beach.

Beach that is made entirely from shells.

– Shark Bay, Australia
– Sanibel Island, Florida


Hyams_Beach,_Jervis_Bay,_Australia9. White Sand Beach.

The Guinness Book of Records for the whitest sands in the world.

– Hyams Beach (Jervis Bay), Australia

Screenshot 2016-01-30 23.48.2710. Purple Sand Beach.

– Pfeiffer (California), United States

947953233_732fd41812black sands11. Black Sand Beach.

– Big Island (Hawaii), United States
– Maui, United Sates
– Vik Beach, Iceland

5725591050_bec95be8f1_o12. Red Sand Beach.

– Maui (Hawaii), United States
– Prince Edward Island, Canada
– Akrotiri, Greece
– Rabida, Galápagos Islands

1. Glacial Lagoon.
2. Bioluminescent Phytoplankton.
3. Glass Beach.
4. Giants Causeway Beach.
5. Extreme Plane Landing.
6. Green Sand Beach.
7. Pink Sand Beach.
8. Shell Beach.
9. White Sand Beach.
10. Purple Sand Beach.
11. Black Sand Beach.
12. Red Sand Beach.

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